Open Evening Wednesday 22nd September

We would like to invite parents/carers of prospective Year 7 students to our Open Evening which will take place on Wednesday 22nd September, 6pm-8pm with Headteacher's talks at 6 and 7pm.

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Open Day Tours are now all fully booked. Check back soon for details of additional dates, should they become available. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted additional questions. The responses can be found below

Which school trips will we get to go on?

A great variety of school trips are offered by our subject areas. We have been somewhat limited by this year’s restrictions but some examples of trips which regularly take place are: Language visits to France, Germany, Spain and Italy, Science visits to CERN and NASA, Geography expeditions to Iceland or China, and Religious Studies and History visits to Auschwitz and the First World War battlefields. All Year 7 students are also offered the opportunity to take part in an outdoor activities residential visit in the summer term.

Which extra-curricular activities will we get to take part in?

We offer a great variety of extra-curricular activities. Unfortunately, they have been somewhat restricted this school year with government regulations. However, in a typical school year we offer a wide range of activities in a number of different areas. We offer extra-curricular sports activities such as Football, Netball and Hockey. We also offer activities such as debating, creative writing, book club and knitting. We have a wide range of music activities such as Jazz Band, Chamber Choir and Chamber Orchestra. There are also seasonal activities offered such as Gardening Club and Christmas Crafts.

Will we experience swimming lessons in Y7/8?

No, unfortunately we are unable to offer this for Year 7/8 pupils. Year 11 pupils are given the opportunity to swim during their PE lessons.

How many subjects would we normally do each day?

There are 6 lessons each day which last 50 minutes. Some lessons are double lessons so this would determine the number of different subjects taught in a day.

What should my daughter be looking to achieve on a GL mock test to stand a chance of passing the 11+?

Only Wirral Borough Council will have the pass rate as it is run by them and the results are issued from them. They aim to issue the results within 6 weeks of pupils sitting the exam. Passing does not guarantee a place at the school (the full details of this are in our Admissions Policy). However, if you pass the test and put WKGS as your first choice, then you are extremely likely to receive a place.

How do you deal with challenging behaviour/potential bullying?

We have an excellent pastoral team who will always act quickly and appropriately to resolve any issues between students. Bullying is not tolerated at WKGS and will always be dealt with immediately when identified and we work with all of our students to ensure that our school community is kind, caring and nurturing.

I think Mr Clarke was introduced as Acting Head in the Virtual Open Event, however, I believe he is actually Head? Is that correct?

Mr Clarke was appointed as permanent Headteacher in the Autumn term of this school year.

We plan to re-locate next year after our daughter has completed year 6 in her current school. I would like to have WKGS as our 1st choice, when we apply for Year 7 later this year. However, I am concerned that I will jeopardise a place in our local school (if I put it as 2nd choice) if we are unable to move at the right time. What would you suggest to families who are looking to re-locate and where it may not be so straightforward?

For applicants outside of Wirral, you are advised to place WKGS as your 1st choice once you have received your 11+ results and obtained the pass mark. The only exception to this is applicants from Wales who will need to apply twice, once through the Welsh system, and once through Wirral. However, we understand that relocating can be difficult and that situations change quickly. If you would like personalised advice and guidance, please contact and we will be more than happy to speak to you about your individual situation and how we can support you.

Which subjects do you accept for the 11+?

There are 2 papers for the Wirral 11+ and each paper includes questions on each of the three components: Mathematics, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Verbal Reasoning. More information about 11+ content and example assessment materials can be found here: This year, we are also offering 11+ familiarisation sessions to help students to become more familiar with the 3 subject areas and the format of the examination.

Do we get to choose which house we are in?

No, students are assigned a house. We will place students in the same house as any siblings they have in the school or any family members who have previously attended the school. Please click here to find out more about our house system.

Is there an extra exam other than the 11+?

No, the Wirral 11+ Assessment is the only examination used for entry to WKGS. If you are unable to take the 11+ examination at the scheduled time, catch-up sessions are available and will be coordinated by the local authority.

Is there any assistance or extra time allowance in the 11+ for students with dyslexia?

Yes, all exam access arrangements will be communicated to our Exams Office via Wirral Authority. However, should you have any continuing concerns or require additional information please email and we will be happy to help.

Please could you describe your SEN provision, specifically regarding dyslexia? And, if you're allowed to say, do you have many children with dyslexia?

We provide a great deal of support for pupils with additional needs (including Dyslexia). The support is co-ordinated by our school SENCO and we have a number of dedicated SEN support staff, along with a dedicated learning support area. Pupils are assessed for any additional requirements in terms of extra time or special consideration for assessments. They will also be provided (where required) with one-on-one support. Any pupil with additional needs will have an individual Person-Centred Plan (PCP). This will allow teaching staff to be aware of their individual needs and the best methods to support them in fulfilling their potential.

Do you put the girls in North Wales in the same form, as they will be sharing the bus? She comes from a very small school.

We do not put all girls from North Wales in the same form group, but we ensure that our transition process means that all students join us in September feeling happy and confident. Students are assigned their form after the first stage of the transition process, where they are visited in their Primary school by a member of the Transition team. Here, they have the chance to ask questions and talk about worries regarding the move to Secondary school. They are also able to put down a name of a friend they would/would not prefer to be placed in the same form class as. Once all these visits are complete, the forms are assigned based on notes from Primary visits, class teacher comments and student's friendship sheets. We are never able to guarantee all friendship choices, however we work hard to try and accommodate requests.

Can you apply to more than one grammar school if you live in North Wales?

Yes, you may apply for more than one Wirral grammar school. You will be asked to rank your choices in order of preference.

What time do the sports clubs/matches finish after school, I would be going on the north Wales bus?

Most of our clubs and practices take place at lunchtime so no one misses out. Fixtures do take place against other schools after school and would normally finish between 5:00 - 5:30pm

Hi thanks for a great open day - I just wanted to ask how much homework a Year 7 pupil would typically get each evening at WKGS?  Also do you have a swimming club and a netball team at all? 

There is a Homework Timetable for students in Y7 and 8 to ensure that work is spread evenly across the week and that the amount of work is never excessive. We do want our students to develop a passion in their subjects and be curious to discover more about their learning outside of the classroom, but we do also appreciate that it is important for our students to have time to explore their extracurricular interests and passions. We do have a netball team but not a swimming club.

How many students go on to Oxford or Cambridge in a typical year?

The number of Oxbridge students varies from year to year with many of our students achieving places in the top universities for their chosen disciplines. The number of successful Oxbridge candidates is usually around 5 per year.

What is the uniform code? Is there a different uniform for each year?

Girls in Year 7 to 11 wear the same uniform. Sixth Form students are expected to wear business attire.

Forresters in Mold are our main suppliers and you can only get our blazer from there. Click here for more information. Other companies which supply our general uniform are:

Larry Adams in West Kirby

Wirral Uniform Centre 

Cain of Heswall

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