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Years 7-11

School uniform is worn by all students in Years 7 to 11 and there is a prescribed kit for Physical Education.

***We are currently re-stocking our sustainable pre-loved uniform shop - coming back soon!***

School Uniform

  • School blazer – David Luke – West Kirby Grammar School 
  • Navy all round pleated skirt - the skirt must be within one or two inches of the knee.
  • Navy tailored trousers (alternative to skirt)
  • Long or short-sleeved blue blouse with open-necked rever collar
  • Navy V-neck long-sleeved pullover plain or with the school logo (Optional item)
  • Black opaque tights or black ankle socks
  • Black, sensible shoes. Students may not wear boots, trainer style, canvas or high heeled shoes
  • Plain navy hijab where culturally appropriate

 Physical Education Uniform 

  • West Kirby Grammar School PE contrast (navy / sky) Polo Shirt with EMBROIDERED School Badge
  • West Kirby Grammar School PE Contrast (navy / sky) Skort and/or Shorts with EMBROIDERED School Badge  
  • West Kirby Grammar School PE Tracksuit Pant with EMBROIDERED School Badge (Optional item)
  • West Kirby Grammar School PE 1/4 Zip Sports Top with EMBROIDERED School Badge (Optional item)
  • West Kirby Grammar School PE Hoodie with EMBROIDERED School Badge (Optional item)
  • House T-shirt – to wear a House events and sports Day with EMBROIDERED School Badge (Optional Item)
  • Hockey socks (sky blue).  White socks for other sporting activities
  • Training shoes
  • Shin guards
  • Astro-turf boots (Advised for health and safety)
  • Gum Shield (Advised for health and safety)
  • A draw string bag Embroidered with school badge (optional) or suitable alternative. 

Blazers and School badged items of uniform can be bought from the following suppliers. All non-badged items may be purchased from high street retailers but must follow the guidelines.

  • Larry Adams, 7A Banks Road, West Kirby (Tel: 0151 625 9424)
  • Wirral Uniform Centre 2A Princess Pavement, Grange Precinct, Birkenhead (Tel 0151 647 9588)

 Hair - Long hair should be tied back during PE, Science and some Technology lessons with black or navy hair bobbles. Unnatural coloured hair or extreme hairstyles are not acceptable. 

Make-up - No nail varnish, shellac, gel or false nails. Natural looking make-up may be worn in Years 10 to 11 (no eyeliner).

Jewellery - No piercings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings or other jewellery, including fashion badges. A wristwatch may be worn.

We have looked carefully at the school uniform and kept both the compulsory and badged items to a minimum, whilst still retaining our distinctive identity as a school community. We recognise that there are variations in school uniform available from high street retailers and that our parents and carers want to support us with upholding our uniform guidelines.  Below are further details and suggested retailers for skirts and jumpers with high street/supermarket alternatives that are the closest matches we could find.  Please do not purchase uniform from elsewhere that does not follow our guidelines.


NAVY PLEATED SKIRT - Cain of Heswall

West Kirby Grammar Pleated Skirt (All Years) - Larry Adams Menswear

Trutex GPB Stitch Down Pleated Skirt-NA (

£19.50-26.50 each


Navy Knifepleat Senior Skirt | WirralUniformCenter (



Navy Girls Pleated School Skirt 2 Pack | School | George at ASDA

£11-13 for 2



West Kirby Grammar Jumper - Larry Adams Menswear



Navy V-Neck Knitted Jumper with West Kirby Logo | WirralUniformCenter (



Navy V Neck School Jumper 2 Pack | School | George at ASDA

£10 for 2