Head of Department
Ms J Halliday

KS4 Specification - AQA

The Drama department consists of three staff all of whom are subject specialists with a range of experience in theatre, television and education. In Key Stage 3 students have one lesson of Drama per week. Key Stage 3 focuses on developing specific skills that are useful to the lifelong learner such as confidence building, communication and teamwork, plus we aim to inspire and engage students in a passion and interest in performance arts - from acting to design.

GCSE Drama is a diverse and exciting course. Students comment that they feel challenged yet supported in lessons and they are encouraged to experiment with their ideas and creativity. The department strongly believe that all students can succeed in Drama and staff ensure lessons are targeted to meet the specific needs and interests of all. 

A-level Theatre Studies offers students the chance to develop specific interests in performance including acting, design and directing. The course encourages students to consider the value of the arts in society and for them to consider literature, history, politics and psychology in an understanding of the importance of theatre today. Many students continue to study Theatre at university and have had success in a range of fields.

The department has two black box studio spaces, professional lighting rig and sound system. In addition, we also have the use of the School Hall with proscenium arch stage, digital projection and computerised sound system. Each year the department offers students the chance to be involved in a production and performers develop skills and an understanding of a range of theatrical styles. The department offers numerous opportunities for students to visit the theatre both locally and nationally. We have annual residential visits to London and have recently taken shows to the Edinburgh Festival receiving five star reviews.

It is a vibrant, forward thinking department where students and staff enjoy developing their learning together.

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of GCSE students achieved grades 9-7


of GCSE students achieved grades 9-4

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20Jan '22

Miss Mellor's musical theatre group have been learning a new dance to Matilda's 'Revolting children'. #musicaltheatre #matilda #revolting holden @WKGS_Theatre @WestKirbyGS #WKGSY8 https://t.co/PwWXrrdbW1

20Jan '22

Happier January - Day 20: Go to bed in good time and allow yourself to recharge. #HappierJanuary #Wellbeing https://t.co/iSsA6vKjAE

19Jan '22

Happier January - Day 19: Focus on what's good, even if today feels tough. #HappierJanuary #Wellbeing https://t.co/Z3zyuaFwVM

18Jan '22

Well done for your effort in rehearsal Hunters! And huge thank you to @NTConnections for organising a zoom chat with #hunt writer @finn_kennedy 🎭 Great to touch base and hear your insight, wonderful to see and hear from other companies too! @WestKirbyGS @WKGS_Theatre #perform https://t.co/3h0Q2SfecZ

18Jan '22

Happier January - Day 18: Get in touch with an old friend. #HappierJanuary #Wellbeing https://t.co/yHPr0xJOiO

17Jan '22

Looking forward to carrying on with our Year 10 devising project tomorrow #devising #create #act @NationalTheatre thank you for the ‘Paper Man’ puppet video. It has inspired one of our students to specialise in puppet design. Pics to follow! #puppetry @WKGS_Theatre @WestKirbyGS https://t.co/uVh2wQYDOK

17Jan '22

Happier January - Day 17: Be gentle with yourself when you make mistakes. #HappierJanuary #Wellbeing https://t.co/7FbsQI5qWQ

16Jan '22

Happier January - Day 16: Contribute positively to your local community. #HappierJanuary #Wellbeing https://t.co/JeBu4NlHux

15Jan '22

Happier January - Day 15: Go outside and notice beautiful things.. #HappierJanuary #Wellbeing https://t.co/VgB6cd0jMU

15Jan '22

Happier January - Day 14: Try a new food today. #HappierJanuary #Wellbeing https://t.co/BI3AjHlSsM

14Jan '22

Happier January - Day 13: Try a new food today. #HappierJanuary #Wellbeing https://t.co/bV8oImzLRl

13Jan '22

Happier January - Day 13: Take a different route today and see what you notice. #HappierJanuary #Wellbeing https://t.co/cviqWSu8Mw

12Jan '22

Our #WKGS Enrichment group out this afternoon on their Wednesday afternoon run. 1 mile warm up followed by chain run/sprint session on Hoylake Beach and a warm down run back to school https://t.co/53shw93zIE

12Jan '22

Happier January - Day 12: Connect with someone near you - share a smile or chat. #HappierJanuary #Wellbeing https://t.co/9SW2sKrRKp

11Jan '22

Happier January - Day 11: Switch off all your tech an hour before bedtime. #HappierJanuary #Wellbeing https://t.co/MKXqDoN7cH