If you have not yet seen the instructions of our full return in September, please visit the Letters and Presentations section where you will find all of the information recently sent to parents/carers and students. Please note Y7 and 12 will start on Thursday 3rd September, with all years joining us on Friday 4th. Individual school photographs will be taken on these days.

Results Days

Information about our Results Days is also available here. To access the Google Forms as a WKGS student, please ensure that you have logged in to your school account at before opening the link to the form.

The House system forms an integral part of our school community and it gives students the opportunity to get to know students from other forms in their own year group and from other years across the school. It promotes a healthy atmosphere of co-operation and friendly competition and allows family traditions to be carried on as students are placed in Houses to which they have a family link.

There are many House competitions that provide a variety of activities to encourage all students to play an active role in the extracurricular life of the School. House events include House Gym, House Hockey, House Drama, House Photography, House Bake-Off and the House Quiz, amongst others. The House events are largely organised by a student team of House Captains and Deputies from Year 12 who are elected by members of their House each year; these are supported by Junior House Captains and their deputies from Year 9. The responsibility allows them to develop their leadership skills, but working as a team in this way also gives a sense of belonging and community to all students in that House. Houses meet every Thursday morning for an assembly led by the Head of House (teaching staff) and the House Captain Team.


All students and staff are allocated to one of the following six Houses on arrival:

Furniss (Purple) - named after an old girl and previous chair of OGA and Governors

Gonner (Blue) - named after a previous Governor and benefactor of the School

Hudson (White) - named after a previous Headmistress (1946 - 1968)

Paton (Green) - named after a previous Governor and benefactor of the School

Stewart (Yellow) - named after a previous Governor

Wallis (Red) - named after the first Headmistress


Dates for all of the upcoming House events can be found on the School Calendar.