Plans for Reopening from September 1st 2021

  • Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd - Staff Training Days with students only attending site at their allocated time for asymptomatic testing (see timetable below).
  • Friday 3rd - Students in Years 7 and 12 to attend site for Induction Days. All other students to remain offsite unless attending for asymptomatic tests at their allocated time. Please click here for more information about the Year 7 induction process and links to key documents.
  • Monday 6th - Thursday 9th - All students on site as normal with asymptomatic testing programme continuing for second tests. Students will temporarily leave lessons for the test and then return afterwards assuming a negative result. 
  • Friday 10th onwards - All students must attend site unless they have tested positive and been asked to isolate. Onsite asymptomatic testing will cease and home tests will be issued until the end of September when the system will be reviewed by the government.

Following the government’s announcement regarding the national move to Step 4 on the roadmap, West Kirby Grammar School will be opening to all students from Monday 6th September, but we will be inviting students into school for specific asymptomatic testing appointments on a staggered basis from Wednesday 1st – Friday 3rd.

This slight stagger to our full return is to allow us to offer two asymptomatic tests to every member of the student and staff body by Thursday 9th September. All students will be able to access the site from Monday 6th September. Full details of this can be found in the document titled ‘Arrangements for Rapid Asymptomatic Testing’.

Please note that the asymptomatic testing programme is voluntary, as outlined in the ‘Arrangements for Rapid Asymptomatic Testing’ document. A negative result is not required to return on September 6th, but a positive result will require a 10-day period of isolation.

The timetable for testing is included in the ‘Arrangements for Rapid Asymptomatic Testing’. Please adhere to this programme. If you have more than one child at the school, all may attend at the time of the first household appointment.

At the current time, the vast majority of restrictions in place will be removed. Please refer to the ‘Contingency Plans for Outbreaks’ for full details of expectations in September and how the school would handle any further cases.

We will ask students to continue to follow good hygiene practices such as regularly washing hands and ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ along with ensuring all occupied spaces are well ventilated. Please also take a few moments to ensure that you are familiar with our flowchart for managing cases of coronavirus as there are some significant changes, including that NHS Track & Trace will now be responsible for identifying close contacts of positive cases, and that students under the age of 18 or those who are double vaccinated will not be required to isolate if identified as a contact.

We hope everyone is able to enjoy their time over the summer and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to the school site in September. We appreciate your support with this and ask that you please take the time to review all the attached information with your children/wards to ensure a smooth return for all.

If you have further questions, please email

Plans for Asymptomatic Testing including Timetable

Link to Online Consent Form

Contingency Plans for Outbreak

Flowchart for Positive Cases

Managing Cases of Coronavirus

Infographic About the Testing Process