West Kirby Grammar School is conveniently located, being close to the centre of West Kirby and West Kirby Railway Station, with services available from Liverpool and Chester.

Many of our students travel to school via train, but there are also conveniently located public bus stops, together with the following specially provided school service buses. Information about eligibility for bus passes is available on the Wirral Council website on the following link or by contacting the School Admissions Team at Children’s and Young People’s Services on 0151 606 2020: https://www.wirral.gov.uk/schools-and-learning/funding-and-financial-support/free-travel-school

Merseytravel Trains

Local Bus Services

614, 621, 628, 629, 670, 671, 672, 673, 674, 684, 685, A1ALS

Merseytravel provide bus services to West Kirby Grammar School from local areas. Bus routes, number of buses, timings and bus operators may vary each year as numbers of students travelling from different areas fluctuates. For the most up to date information contact Merseytravel on 0151 227 5181 or use the Merseytravel website, a link to which is below. A timetable containing the location of bus stops and times is also available on the Merseytravel website.


Out of Area School Transport

Wallasey - C3 & C4 and Chester and North Wales - W1, W2, W3, W5, W6

Some bus services are provided by West Kirby Grammar School in conjunction with Calday Grange Grammar School. These buses provide transport for those students who live in Wallasey. Chester and North Wales. The current timetables for these are available at the link below-please scroll down the page which opens to Calday's 'Travel' section of their website .

The annual cost for a pass to use the Wallasey services (C buses) for 2022-23 is £745.00 and for the Chester / North Wales (W buses) an annual pass is between £1335.00 and £1435.00 depending on the distance.  The cost of these buses is subsidised by the two schools and the annual fee is determined at the start of each year based upon the number of students using the services. The cost of the pass is non-refundable. Payment is made via Calday Grange Grammar School:  calday.co.uk/buspass.  The payment for these passes may be made in full or by instalment as detailed on their website.

Please note that seats on the bus services are available on a first come first served basis and bus passes will be sent from Calday Grange Grammar School. Replacement passes will be provided at a cost of £5.00.

WKGS Bus Passes


A1 Als bus Timetable as at 17.7.20