If you have not yet seen the instructions of our full return in September, please visit the Letters and Presentations section where you will find all of the information recently sent to parents/carers and students. Please note Y7 and 12 will start on Thursday 3rd September, with all years joining us on Friday 4th. Individual school photographs will be taken on these days.

Results Days

Information about our Results Days is also available here. To access the Google Forms as a WKGS student, please ensure that you have logged in to your school account at before opening the link to the form.

Extra Curricular & Enrichment

We encourage all of our students to play a part in the extra-curricular life of the school. Engaging in such opportunities allows students to develop various important skills, and helps them to feel a greater sense of belonging to the school community.  

In school, we offer a range of clubs, societies and activities to all year groups, most of which meet during lunchtimes. There are many musical and sporting groups for students to join, as well as a range of subject-led clubs - from science, maths and languages to technology and art.

Students can take also part in ‘mindfulness’ activities, Fairtrade and Amnesty International events, as well as catch up clubs and after school homework clubs. Our programme is updated each term. 

Please click the link below to download our full list of clubs and activities for 2019/20:

Clubs & Activities 2019/20

Trips & Visits

Students are given the opportunity to participate in many different visits each year. These are mainly organised by departments and range from numerous local trips and visits, which enhance the curriculum, to up to fifteen foreign visits each year to Europe, America and China.

Examples of recent trips include language visits to France, Germany, Spain and Italy, science visits to CERN and NASA, a geography expedition to Iceland and Religious Studies and History visits to Auschwitz and the First World War battlefields.

Expeditions to China take place on an annual or biennial basis, working with children in Inner Mongolia, as well as visiting Hong Kong and Beijing.