Thank you for considering WKGS Sixth Form as your next place to study.  Sixth form years are an exciting and vital chapter in your academic and personal development, so it’s important to take some time to choose the best environment for you.

Choice is at the heart of our philosophy here at WKGS Sixth Form.  Throughout our lives, the choices we are presented with, and the choices we make, help to shape our futures and define who we become.  We passionately believe that every student should benefit from a wealth of choice.  That’s why we offer such a broad curriculum of subjects alongside an array of enrichment and leadership opportunities.

We don’t believe that anyone is born with fixed abilities and intelligence. With the right teaching, support and motivation, children can grow and thrive in subjects they never considered themselves to be cut out for.  And whilst our academic record speaks for itself, we know that students learn and develop both in and out of the classroom. That’s why we offer such a broad range of extra-curricular opportunities, through which pupils develop vital life skills and forge lasting friendships.

Because of all of this, our students leave us equipped to thrive in a complex world, ready to make a positive contribution locally and globally as tomorrow’s leaders.