WKGS reach UK Space Design Competition National Finals

In November, 12 students from Years 10 -13 won the North-West Regional Heat of the UK Space Design Competition at the University of Liverpool. The National Final takes place at Imperial College, London over a weekend in March 2019. The winners of the final then have the chance of being part of the UK team for the international final at NASA, USA.

Working in a company with four sub-teams in operations, structural, automation and human engineering, the team worked solidly for 12 hours on a Saturday, designing a space settlement on Europa. This involved putting their technical and scientific knowledge to the test as they worked to solve genuine space engineering problems. They also had to design methods to keep humans alive (and happy!) on the surface of another world. The students developed skills in leadership, public speaking and project management.

The company was a mix of students from four year groups. Their ability to work as a team under pressure and their ability to support each other was amazing.

"I really enjoyed doing the Space Design Competition this year. Space and Rocket Science is something I have always been fascinated by. The competition has massively supplemented my application to university as I hope to study aerospace next year. I really enjoyed the challenge and I cannot wait to compete in Imperial College, London in March."

- Rhiannon (Year 13)


"The UKSDC was an amazing experience. Its challenging nature means that you get a sense of pride and achievement at the end of the day. It has helped me develop my leadership, time management, creative thinking and my maths and physics skills too. Taking part in the National Finals in March is sure to be an even more memorable experience."

- David (Year 13)