Wirral Way Walk – our school community together helping others

Congratulations to our WKGS Community who came together to complete the 12 mile walk along the Wirral Way from West Kirby to Heswall and back, to raise money for development projects in the Karonga District of northern Malawi. Since 2003 our sponsored walks, has raised money for our special overseas project - school building work, making a difference in over five rural schools in China, building two from scratch in very poor rural areas.  Several hundred students from WKGS have now been to China to see where the money was spent. We have moved our fundraising to support new projects in rural Malawi.  Funds have been sent to Malawi to help child education and female empowerment. We have funded the building of new sanitation blocks and water supplies for three maternity centres where before there were none and pregnant women had to go to the toilet in a nearby field.  This work is directly linked to development concepts that all students have studied at all key stages of the geography curriculum.

Taking part in the walk gave our students an opportunity to feel a part of a development project.  Currently the area in northern Malawi is beginning to get over the terrible impacts of COVID, but it is also ravaged by Malaria as well as having a higher-than-normal number of adults with HIV/AIDS.  The maternity centres we are now supporting are seeking to reduce, through education, the transmission of HIV/AIDS from the mother to their new-born baby.  It is hoped that one day in the future, once the COVID pandemic has been reduced in Malawi, that we will be able to run an expedition there to see where the money has been spent – just like we did for nearly 20 years in China.