UK Space Design Competition

A team of 11 students from West Kirby Grammar School were in the winning team at the National Final of the UK Space Design Competition which took place at Imperial College, London on the weekend of 2nd - 3rd March. 

The competition, organised by NASA, involves students grouped together in large companies designing a proposal for a space settlement design to satisfy a detailed and extensive list of requirements from their 'client' the Foundation Society. It was really impressive how the team delegated the tasks and coordinated their decisions to design a solution to a very complex brief and then put it together in a very professional presentation.

Every student had a role and they wouldn't have won without each student's contribution. This is an amazing achievement! It is possible that some of the winning team may get selected to represent the UK in the international final which takes place at the Kennedy Space Centre this July.

Huge congratulations to all students who took part for such an amazing achievement and many thanks to Dr Hill and Mr Heath for accompanying them to the competition.