Medicine in Action Conference

WKGS Year 12 students were given the opportunity to take part in an online conference aimed at those wishing to study medicine at the next stage of their education.  Twenty three students attended the virtual event on Tuesday 26 January 2021 from 9.30am until 12.30pm.

Mr Allport and Mrs Avison, from our Science Department, also joined the conference and all attendees agreed it was an incredibly informative set of talks by Medicine in Action.  Students enjoyed an insight into the development of neurosurgery which showed the progression of imaging techniques and how they have helped evolve brain surgery into what it is today.  A look into A and E medicine encouraged the students to understand the need to process information quickly to treat a patient but also to investigate the cause of the problem which could provide a greater picture of the health of the patient.  The plastic surgeon gave an insight into the teamwork that is needed to treat a patient with a cleft palette.  A final Q and A session was joined by all the speakers and a paediatric specialist which enabled the students to have questions answered by a range of specialists.  It was a very informative and enjoyable morning.