Liverpool Docks Regeneration Trip

As part of our Human Geography regeneration project, we took a trip to Liverpool on 23rd January 2019 to see first-hand regeneration in action along the Liverpool waterfront. We looked at how it has brought about social, economic and environmental change. To further our knowledge and understanding, we looked at separate areas of Liverpool to contrast our findings to the waterfront. The regeneration projects we looked at were in the Albert Dock, Princes Dock, and Kings Dock – showed clearly how Albert dock was led by tourist and commercial regeneration, Princes dock is led by business and Kings dock led by residential. This variation allowed us to gain knowledge on the different aims along Liverpool waterfront and will allow us to use these examples within our exam. A trip on the ‘Razzle Dazzle’ ferry along the Mersey allowed us to view all 3 docks from afar to compare them and see distinctly the 3 areas of regeneration – even if it was just an excuse to get a picture, it was useful and enjoyable. 

We then went to Smithdown Road which had not been as regenerated. There were schemes put in place hoping for regeneration to start (the £1 Houses scheme and £1 Businesses project) which had not been very successful. As a result, we were able to make a direct comparison between the areas. 

The whole trip was enjoyable, as is every Geography trip, and allowed us to build knowledge and understanding at the same time – despite it being nearly freezing! 

Daisy Elliot & Lucy Jones