GCSE Results - 2018

West Kirby Grammar School is celebrating exceptional performance in the new more rigorous GCSE examinations, reflecting once again, the hard work and dedication of students and staff.

Not only did students excel in terms of actual grades achieved, but also their progress is outstanding at GCSE.

15% of all grades awarded were grade 9, reported to be awarded to only 4% of students nationally this year.

In biology, chemistry, geography and drama, approximately 30% of all grades awarded were a 9.

Considering the challenges of the new style GCSEs, these results are remarkable.

The very top grades of 9/8 or A* made up 34% of all results and 68 students, almost 40% of the year group, achieved eight or more 9-7 grades.

Students have achieved highly in subjects across the board with over 70% of grades being 9-7 in art, computing, geography, drama and RS.

We are delighted that the vast majority of our students are returning to WKGS Sixth Form to pursue a broad range of qualifications and enrichment activities.

Headteacher Elaine Sargent said: "Not only have our students excelled academically, but they have developed into young adults with a range of skills and experiences to prepare them for their next steps.

"We are incredibly proud of them!"