Sixth Form Applications - Now Open

Applications to join the WKGS Sixth Form can now be made and the deadline for this is February 12th 2021. Virtual meetings with the Senior Leadership Team for new students will take place throughout January.  Please click here to apply.

For more information about the WKGS Sixth Form, please click here to view our Virtual Open Event resources.

Guidance for National Lockdown (Students)
22 January 2021 Year 7 Newsletter
Remote Learning Questionnaire.pdf
Thank you letter from KIND January 2021
Parents' Evening FAQs and Guidance updated 12 January 2021
2020-21 - Leave of Absence Request Form
Anti-Bullying Student leaflet
Scheme for assistance to increase data allowance January 2021
Free School Meals letter January 2021.pdf
Home to school transport during Lockdown 2021
C bus timetable for Lockdown 2021 with effect from 11 January 2021.pdf
W series bus timetable during Lockdown 2021 with effect from 11 January 2021
Free School Meals information during lockdown from January 2021
How to access Free School Meals vouchers - step by step instructions
Message to all students from Mr Clarke January 2021
WKGS student Teams guide
WKGS Bus services for the start of the Spring Term January 2021
Infographic about Testing Process
Coronavirus Symptoms Flowchart
FSM Information for School Holidays December 2020 and February 2021
W7 bus seating plan November 2020
W6 bus seating plan November 2020
W5 bus seating plan November 2020
W3 bus seating plan November 2020
W2 bus seating plan November 2020
W1 bus seating plan November 2020
TikTok Parent Advice
WKGS Anti Bullying Policy
Teen Sleep Hub - Schools Pack
SEND SNAPSHOT November 2020.pdf
Year 7 Information Evening 14 October 2020 presentation
Message from the Headteacher regarding Virtual Learning Provision for Students in Isolation
Omegle Parents Guide.pdf
Activating your Parents' App account.pdf
Wirral Borough Council Letter to Parents & Carers regarding Face Coverings 17.9.20
Managing Cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Schools
WKGS School Fund letter 2020
TikTok parent factsheet.pdf
WKGS Contingency Plans for Covid 19 Outbreaks.pdf
Free School Meals application process 2020.pdf
Return to School In September information.pdf
Terms and Conditions for Chester, North Wales and Wallasey buses 2020-21.pdf
Code of Conduct 2020 for Chester, North Wales and Wallasey buses.pdf
Facemask Infographic.pdf
Public Transport Advice for Schools
FUSS - FUPS flyer - Poster
Wirral FUSS - How it works updated May 2020.pdf
Online Safety Leaflet - Family Time Online (BT)
A Personal Guide to five ways to Wellbeing.pdf
Five ways to Wellbeing presentation.pdf
Home Schooling Tech Tips (BT)
WKGS Wellbeing email address and WBC Helpline for Children and Young People
Keeping your kids safe online - BT
Online Advice for Parents/Carers
Online Safety Parent Advice & Guidance
SEND Regional Newsletter
Remote Learning Tips - Students
Remote Learning Tips - Parents
Google Classroom Guide
TikTok parent factsheet
iDEA Programme
Teen Student Membership Poster