If you have not yet seen the instructions of our full return in September, please visit the Letters and Presentations section where you will find all of the information recently sent to parents/carers and students. Please note Y7 and 12 will start on Thursday 3rd September, with all years joining us on Friday 4th. Individual school photographs will be taken on these days.

Results Days

Information about our Results Days is also available here. To access the Google Forms as a WKGS student, please ensure that you have logged in to your school account at before opening the link to the form.

Applications for WKGS and CGGS school operated buses to Wallasey, North Wales and Chester current students 2020
Y9 TT for Sept.pdf
Information regarding the school chartered buses from Wallasey, North Wales and Chester 17 July 2020
Letter from the Headteacher 17 July 2020.pdf
Coronavirus Symptoms Flowchart.pdf
Facemask Infographic.pdf
Return to School In September information.pdf
Managing Cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in Schools.pdf
Y13 TT for Sept.pdf
Y12 TT for Sept.pdf
Y10 TT for Sept.pdf
Y8 TT for Sept.pdf
Y11 TT for Sept.pdf
Letter from the Headteacher 10 July 2020.pdf
Letter from the Headteacher 3 July 2020
Uniform Suppliers update and contact information 24 June 2020
Forrester by Monkhouse Uniform Suppliers safety measures plan
2020 Cain of Heswall WKGS Price List.pdf
Letter from the Headteacher 26 June 2020
STEM Clubs Week 2020 timetable
Deck of Cards Fitness Challenge.pdf
Letter from the Headteacher 19 June 2020.pdf
Letter from the Headteacher 12 June 2020
Public Transport Advice for Schools
Merseytravel update WEF 15 June 2020.pdf
Merseytravel 672 update WEF 15 June 2020 to incorporate 670, 672 and 673.pdf
Letter from the Headteacher 5 June 2020.pdf
SEND Regional Newsletter SNAPSHOT COVID Edition 2 for Parent Carer
9 June 2020 Elevate Webiner 'How to help your child study smarter, not just harder'
Weekly Study Planner from Elevate Education
Letter from the Headteacher 22 May 2020
Eco Newsletter May 2020.pdf
Refunds for 2019-2020 North Wales, Chester, Ellesmere Port and Wallasey buses operated by WKGS and CGGS and 2020-2021 sales
Letter from WKGS Chair of Governors re Acting Headteacher
Duke of Edinburgh Award update 18 May 2020
FUSS - FUPS flyer - Poster
Wirral FUSS - How it works updated May 2020.pdf
Letter from the Headteacher 15 May 2020
Online Safety Leaflet - Family Time Online (BT)
Elevate Webinar information
Letter from the Headteacher 7 May 2020
A Personal Guide to five ways to Wellbeing.pdf
Five ways to Wellbeing presentation.pdf
Home Schooling Tech Tips (BT)
WKGS Wellbeing email address and WBC Helpline for Children and Young People
Letter from the Headteacher 1 May 2020
Free School Meals letter May 2020
Keeping your kids safe online - BT
Letter from the Headteacher 24.4.20
Online Advice for Parents/Carers
Free School Meals voucher update 22.4.20
Revised routes for Merseytravel school buses with effect from 20 April 2020
Free School Meals National Voucher Scheme from Monday 20 April 2020.pdf
Letter from the Headteacher 3.4.20
Summer 2020 grades for GCSE AS A level EPQ AEA in maths guidance for teachers students parents
Online Safety Parent Advice & Guidance
SEND Regional Newsletter
Children's guide to coronavirus.pdf
Letter from the Headteacher 27.3.20.pdf
Remote Learning Tips - Students
Remote Learning Tips - Parents
Exam Guidance 23.3.20.pdf
Letter from Headteacher 20.3.20
School Closure letter 19.3.20 COVID-19
Google Classroom Guide
Educational Overseas Trips Update 19.3.20
Coronavirus Contingency Planning 18.3.20
DofE Letter to Bronze Participants and Parents re COVID-19
Coronavirus update message from the Headteacher 17.3.20
Coronavirus update 26.2.20
Coronavirus update 4.3.20
March 2020 Wirral SEND Strategy Consultation Document
TikTok parent factsheet
Coronavirus advice for education settings poster
13 February 2020 Letter to Parents and Carers from WKGS Headteacher.pdf
WKGS Eco Newsletter February 2020.pdf
D of E Bronze Consent Form 2020.pdf
D of E Bronze 2020 Registration Letter.pdf
DofE Photograph Form
Anti Bullying leaflet
BBC Own IT App - Parent Information Leaflet
Exam Guidance letter from Deputy Headteacher 3.4.20
DofE Assessors Report - Skills Revised 11-11-19
DofE Assessors Report - Physical Revised 11-11-19
DofE Assessors Report - Volunteering Revised 11-11-19
Free School Meals letter October 2019
iDEA Programme
Teen Student Membership Poster