Our Values

Our values are inspired by our school motto: ad metam contendo - strive towards the goal. 

These six core values aren’t simply words on a page – we live and breathe them every day, driven by our determination to inspire and support every child in the pursuit of their goals, whatever they may be:


We’re proud of our sense of community and family at WKGS, as well as our contribution to the local and wider community.

We choose to be collaborative, caring and kind, showing empathy and honesty in our actions.

We value our tradition and have a vibrant House system that helps to create a compassionate and caring community.

High Expectations

We are aspirational for ourselves and those around us, taking great pride in our achievements.

Our work is goal-orientated, celebrating success in different forms while striving for excellence in our pursuits.

We naturally have high academic expectations and challenge everyone to achieve their full potential, both inside and outside of the classroom.


We offer exceptional opportunities for all in a wide variety of contexts.

Our extensive curriculum ensures that every student has the opportunity to discover their talents.

We encourage everyone to embrace our extra-curricular provision and wide range of enrichment activities; we promote leadership at all levels.


We strive to create the leaders of tomorrow; individuals who are daring and forward thinking and who work to inspire those around them.

Creativity is highly valued and we aim to find inventive and enterprising solutions to the challenges we face.

Change is embraced as we develop inventive new practices and systems.


We encourage all members of our community to display a love of learning and to show an inquisitive approach to challenge.

The ability to reflect on practices is key, along with a passion to improve. Asking questions to deepen understanding and looking beyond the confines of the curriculum is actively encouraged.


We work with motivation and resilience, whatever the challenge ahead.

Determined to succeed, we challenge ourselves and those around us to improve

We engage with our tasks and work with perseverance to achieve.