Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening

Our Sixth Form Virtual Open Evening will take place on Wednesday 4th November, 18:00-19:30. To book your place, please click on the link below.

Head of Department
Dr K Hill
Summer Work 2020
Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE in Physics OR Combined Science and Mathematics 

Exam Board


Why Choose Physics?

This course will suit any student who wishes to develop their interest and enthusiasm in the physics of all that is around them; it will provide a firm scientific foundation for those wanting to make their mark in the world of science and technology in the future. Studying A-level Physics does not restrict your options, it expands them.

A-level Physics is a mixture of conceptual thinking and very practical applications. You need to be able to think about abstract ideas such as fields, but be able to apply those ideas to how, for instance, electric motors work. You will learn about everything from kinematics to relativity and many recent developments in fascinating topics, such as particle physics. Getting accurate results from experiments requires practice and competence in the use of lab equipment. Calculations are an important part of A-level Physics and you need to be comfortable with algebra. At the same time descriptive work requires you to communicate clearly. If you are interested in the limits of space, the beginning of time and everything in between, this is the subject for you. Physics is more than a subject – it trains your brain to think beyond boundaries.

What is Involved?

Year 1 (Topics 1-5)

  • Measurement and their errors
  • Particles and radiation
  • Waves
  • Mechanics and materials
  • Electricity
  • Required practical work

Year 2

  • Further mechanics and thermal physics
  • Fields
  • Nuclear Physics
  • Required practical work

Plus one option topic (Astrophysics or Turning Points in Physics)


Three written papers of 2 hours. Paper 1 will assess topics 1-6, paper 2 will assess topics 6-8 and paper 3 will assess the option topic as well as practical skills and data analysis.

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examination results


of A-level students achieved grades A*-B


of A-level students achieved grades A*-C


of A-level students achieved grades A*-E

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14Oct '20

We have just added the video of Mr Clarke's Q&A during our Virtual Open Evening & the responses to the additional questions to our website⬇️… These are now ready for you to view! All materials will be available for the rest of the academic year. #WKGS