Head of Department
Mrs A Goodall
Summer Work 2020
Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE Physical Education 

Exam Board


Why Choose P.E?

This course will give you a fantastic insight into the amazing world of sports performance. You will have the chance to perform or coach a sport as well as developing a wide-ranging knowledge into the how and why of physical activity and sport.

The combination of physical performance and academic challenge provides you with an exciting opportunity. Physical Education is studied through a range of contexts; you will learn the reasons why we do things, why some people outperform others, mentally and physically. You will delve into the ethical use of performance enhancing drugs and the influence that modern technology is having on sport.

What is Involved?

You will study three compulsory modules:

Physiological Factors Affecting Performance (this includes anatomy and physiology, exercise physiology and biomechanics).

Psychological Factors Affecting Performance (this includes skill acquisition, sports psychology).

Socio- cultural Issues in Physical Activity and Sport (sport and society and contemporary issues in sport).

You will also be assessed in one practical activity where you are required to perform or coach. In addition you will observe and evaluate a live performance of another candidate.


Written examination (three papers) (70%), Non examination assessment (30%)

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What we've been up to...

16Jul '21

Last day of Term! A very strange and unpredictable year but we are so proud of all our students who have shown their continued enthusiasm in PE! Enjoy a well deserved summer break from Mrs Goodall, Miss Higham, Mrs Chesworth & Mrs McKenzie 💙 #schoolsout @WestKirbyGS

16Jul '21

A huge well done to all our fantastic GCSE students who have claimed a Student of the Half Term award this year 👏🏼🏆 @WestKirbyGS https://t.co/A4dMucyOPe

16Jul '21

Jump Back Up July - Day 16. Find fun ways to distract yourself from unhelpful thoughts. #Wellbeing #JumpBackUpJuly @WestKirbyGS https://t.co/bGqUEpmo38

15Jul '21

2/2… Here are our current Leaders in each event this term! Congratulations to all who have made the board and to all the students who have contributed to their House total even without a Sports Day this year. There were 1,112points gathered in total! 👏🏼 @WestKirbyGS https://t.co/RrvZK2KnG8

15Jul '21

*Sports Day Standards* This summer term saw the introduction of our SDS which allows all students to work towards a set time/distance in each athletics event to contribute a point to the overall Sports Day Total… 1/2 @WestKirbyGS https://t.co/P2Z1S5TYr3

15Jul '21

Jump Back Up July - Day 15. Set yourself an achievable goal and take the first step. #Wellbeing #JumpBackUpJuly @WestKirbyGS https://t.co/iRHSibj254

14Jul '21

Skill for DofE: Check out this activities list for inspiration @WestKirbyGS @WKGS_6thForm #WKGSY9 #WKGSY10 #WKGSY10 #WKGSY11 dofe.org/dofewithadiffe…

14Jul '21

Physical for DofE: Check out this activities list for inspiration @WestKirbyGS @WKGS_6thForm #WKGSY9 #WKGSY10 #WKGSY10 #WKGSY11 dofe.org/dofewithadiffe…

14Jul '21

Volunteering for DofE: Check out this activities list for inspiration @WestKirbyGS @WKGS_6thForm #WKGSY9 #WKGSY10 #WKGSY10 #WKGSY11 dofe.org/dofewithadiffe…

14Jul '21

Current and next year's Gold DofE participants, are you planning your residential? You can read about amendments by following this link: dofe.org/thelatest/gold… These amendments will remain until December 2022. @WestKirbyGS @WKGS_6thForm #WKGSY12

14Jul '21

Jump Back Up July - Day 14. Get outside and move to help clear your head. #Wellbeing #JumpBackUpJuly @WestKirbyGS https://t.co/ehXVWfJw6r

13Jul '21

Applying for Gold DofE next year? Sign up to be a 'DofE Young Leader' for your volunteering and help younger participants complete their Award. Email Miss Bagnall to register your interest @WestKirbyGS @WKGS_6thForm #WKGSY11

13Jul '21

Looking to sign up for Gold DofE? Get started on your activities over the summer. Applications will be open in September @WestKirbyGS #WKGSY11

13Jul '21

Are you looking for a volunteering placement? Riding for the Disabled at Wirral Riding School (opposite Ness Gardens) require volunteers to assist with their lessons. Contact Liz Marrs on 07415093511

13Jul '21

Jump Back Up July - Day 13. Challenge negative thoughts. Find an alternative interpretation. #Wellbeing #JumpBackUpJuly @WestKirbyGS https://t.co/FVKTVjrmy0