Head of Department
Mr M Woods
Summer Work 2020
Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE Chemistry OR in Combined Science

Exam Board


Why Choose Chemistry?

The world we live in is shaped by Chemistry. Medicines, materials that allow us to communicate electronically and the clothes we wear, all demonstrate the power of Chemistry to make our lives better. Chemists help to understand the world and develop solutions to the problems facing modern society. Some of the work of chemists over recent years has included identifying environmental problems like the role of greenhouse gases in climate change, developing drugs for previously untreatable diseases and the continuing search to improve our quality of life - without burdening the environment.

This course will suit any student with a genuine interest and enthusiasm for all that is around them; it will provide a firm scientific foundation for those wanting to make their mark in the world of science and technology in the future. Students will develop practical, analytical and problem solving skills through regular practical work. These skills are invaluable, universally accepted and highly sought after by universities and employers. Throughout the A-level programme of study there are many opportunities offered to students to enrich the curriculum and support the Science community in school.

What is Involved?

Physical Chemistry

Atomic structure, Amount of substance, Bonding; Energetics, Kinetics, Chemical equilibria, Le Chatelier’s principle and Kc, Oxidation, reduction and redox equations, Thermodynamics, Rate equations, Equilibrium constant Kp for homogeneous systems, Electrode potentials and electrochemical cells and Acids and bases. 

Inorganic Chemistry

Periodicity; Group 2 - the alkaline earth metals; Group 7(17) - the halogens, Properties of Period 3 elements and their oxides, Transition metals and Reactions of ions in aqueous solution

Organic Chemistry

Introduction to organic chemistry, Alkanes; Halogenoalkanes, Alkenes; Alcohols, Organic analysis, Optical isomerism, Aldehydes and ketones, Carboxylic acids and derivatives, Aromatic chemistry, Amines, Polymers, Amino acids, proteins and DNA, Organic synthesis, Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy and Chromatography.

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