Mrs M Roberts
Summer Work 2020
Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in GCSE Maths

Exam Board

Pearson (Edexcel)

Why Choose Business Studies?

Students taking this course should have a deep interest in the world of business and the current events which shape it, from consumer trends to government intervention. A natural curiosity and desire to learn about the mechanics of business will be essential. During this course we will be studying ethical business choices, problem solving through critical analysis and understanding how entrepreneurial approaches can help to solve the needs and wants of modern society. We will be investigating the global strategies of multinational corporations and the importance of careful financial management. 

What is Involved?

The full A-level has three examination papers:

Paper 1: Marketing People and Global Business

Topics include: Meeting customer needs, Markets and the marketing mix / strategy, Managing people, Entrepreneurs and leaders, Globalisation; Global markets and business expansion and Global marketing, industries and companies (MNC’s and TNC’s) 

Paper 2: Managing Business Activities, Decisions and Strategies

Topics include: Raising finance, Financial planning, Managing finance, Resource management, External influences business objectives and strategy, Business growth, Decision-making techniques, Influences on business decisions, Assessing competitiveness and Managing change. 

Paper 3 requires knowledge and understanding of all four themes based on a pre-released topic. The content will focus on a broad context, such as an industry or market in which businesses operate. 

All papers include live case studies and data response questions. Each paper is 2 hours and worth 100 marks.

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examination results


of A-level students achieved grades A*-B


of A-level students achieved grades A*-C


of A-level students achieved grades A*-E

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