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Summer Work 2020
Entry Requirements

Grade 6 in Art-related GCSE course or Portfolio

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Why Choose Art Textiles?

Art Textile Design is a dynamic course, which enables you to develop a creative portfolio of work, which is essential if you wish to pursue a career in Textile Design, Fashion Design or any other Design related university degree. If you have an interest in Fashion and Textile Design then this is the course for you as it is a fashion-based course in Year 12. It is an exciting and stimulating course introducing you to a variety of experiences, especially exploring a range of textile and fashion techniques. If you enjoy being creative and developing your own design work, this course enables you to produce highly original final pieces and further gain an understanding of both contemporary artists and designers.

What is Involved?

AQA  A-level Art - Textile Design is a two-year course and is similar to the GCSE course.

In Year 12, you will develop a portfolio of work through one set theme for example Nostalgia or Music and Fashion. This involves working in areas of fashion textiles, fashion/costume design, fashion illustration, art textiles, printing, surface pattern and embellishment. You will be encouraged to broaden your artistic and design skills through a series of workshops in order to work independently. You will develop your own ideas in a sketchbook and then produce creative final fashion garments whilst further advancing your skills in the presentation of your own work. You will investigate historical and contemporary practices of fashion and textile designers with the opportunities to visit art galleries and exhibitions during the course. If you are taking the AS course then there will be an externally set assignment.

In the second year of the course, you will gain more independence as the course progresses, which will lead to a personal investigation and an externally set assignment in any area of fashion design, art textiles or textile design. This will showcase an exhibition of your work enabling you to experience presenting your work in your own design space.

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