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There are 3 components of 'How to Behave'; Empathetic, Agile, Hard-Working.

'How to Behave' - VAA - Empathy is made up of 3 key characteristics:


The ability to seek out opportunities to receive responses to your work; present your own views and ideas clearly and concisely; to listen to the views of others; be willing and able to work in teams; to assume a variety of roles and be able to evaluate your own ideas and contributions.

Concerned for Society:

The ability to know the contribution you can make to society to the benefit of those less fortunate; to demonstrate citizenship and a sense of community ethos and recognise differences as well as similarities between people and peoples; be aware of your own and others’ cultural heritage and be sensitive to the ethical and moral issues raised by your studies.


The ability to develop a belief in your knowledge, understanding and action; recognise when you need to change your beliefs based upon additional information or the arguments of others; deal with new challenges and situations, including when this places them under stress.

Agile Hard-Working

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