Year 7 Virtual Open Evening

We are delighted to announce that we will be hosting a Virtual Open Evening on Thursday 8th October 2020. We welcome all parents/carers of prospective Year 7 students to book a place at the event by visiting our registration page:

Mr S Clarke

Having worked in two girls' grammar schools in the South East of England, Mr Clarke became the Deputy Headteacher of West Kirby Grammar School in April 2018. 

His background in the finance sector, before training as a teacher, has left a lasting mathematical legacy, which now sees him manage school-wide data with interest and confidence. Having a keen analytical mind enables him to lead assessment, monitoring and reporting, and curriculum development throughout the school very effectively. Within his role, Mr Clarke is also responsible for overseeing exams, coordinating the school's marketing strategy as well as writing the timetable and managing student options.

As a teacher of music, Mr Clarke has developed a real interest in a variety of teaching and learning philosophies including ‘High Performance Learning’, modern techniques for assessment for learning, and the thought process behind Retrieval Practice and Dual Coding.  His research and engagement with these concepts has influenced his own teaching, leading to new approaches to target setting as well as behaviour management. 

In addition to his teaching, Mr Clarke has great passion for music. He was a composer of some merit, producing work that was performed at the Royal Festival Hall by groups including the BBC singers, and he revels in musical performance, having studied at institutions including the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, and the Trinity College of Music.