Year 4 & 5 Information Evening

We would like to invite prospective pupils currently in Year 4 & 5 with their parents/carers to our Information Evening on Tuesday 25th April, 18:00-20:00.

The evening will consist of a talk by Mr Clarke (Headteacher) and Mrs Begbie (Deputy Headteacher) followed by a tour of the school building with student guides.

Please note that this is not a full Open Evening and WKGS teaching staff / students (other than tour guides) will not be available to speak to on the evening. Our next full Open Evening will take place in September.

Please click the link below to book your place.

There are 5 components of 'How to Think'; Meta-Thinking, Linking, Analysing, Creating & Realising

'How to Think' - ACP - Meta-Thinking is made up of 4 key characteristics:


The ability to knowingly use a wide range of thinking approaches and to transfer knowledge from one circumstance to another.


The ability to monitor, evaluate and self-correct.

Strategy Planning:

The ability to approach new learning experiences by actively attempting to connect it to existing knowledge or concepts and hence determine an appropriate way to think about the work.

Intellectual Confidence:

The ability to articulate personal views based on evidence and where necessary defend them to others.

Linking Analysing Creating Realising

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