Year 4 & 5 Information Evening

We would like to invite prospective pupils currently in Year 4 & 5 with their parents/carers to our Information Evening on Tuesday 25th April, 18:00-20:00.

The evening will consist of a talk by Mr Clarke (Headteacher) and Mrs Begbie (Deputy Headteacher) followed by a tour of the school building with student guides.

Please note that this is not a full Open Evening and WKGS teaching staff / students (other than tour guides) will not be available to speak to on the evening. Our next full Open Evening will take place in September.

Please click the link below to book your place.

There are 3 components of 'How to Behave'; Empathetic, Agile, Hard-Working.

'How to Behave' - VAA - Empathy is made up of 3 key characteristics:


The ability to seek out opportunities to receive responses to your work; present your own views and ideas clearly and concisely; to listen to the views of others; be willing and able to work in teams; to assume a variety of roles and be able to evaluate your own ideas and contributions.

Concerned for Society:

The ability to know the contribution you can make to society to the benefit of those less fortunate; to demonstrate citizenship and a sense of community ethos and recognise differences as well as similarities between people and peoples; be aware of your own and others’ cultural heritage and be sensitive to the ethical and moral issues raised by your studies.


The ability to develop a belief in your knowledge, understanding and action; recognise when you need to change your beliefs based upon additional information or the arguments of others; deal with new challenges and situations, including when this places them under stress.

Agile Hard-Working

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