11+ testing arrangements are managed by Wirral LA.

All of the Wirral Grammar Schools have been advised that the test provider for October 2020 will be GL Assessment.

GL assessment have readily available familiarisation materials which can be accessed below.


Any queries relating to the 11+ testing arrangements should be directed to Wirral LA School Admissions.

The full Admissions Assessment Familiarisation Guide can be found here:

Familiarisation Guide

Registration and Pickup

The documents below give some generic information on registration and pickup. Specific information has already been sent to all parent regarding timings.

Thursday AM registration points Thursday PM registration points Generic instructions for parents Registration and Pickup Points Friday PM registration points Friday AM registration points

COVID-19 arrangements:

Please read the following points carefully.

  • If anyone in your household has been ill or been in contact with someone who has had possible or confirmed COVID-19 symptoms on the day or in the 7 days prior to the assessment, please do not bring your child to the assessment venue.
  • If your daughter has been instructed to self-isolate and that self-isolation is still ongoing on the day of the test, please do not bring her to the venue.
  • If either of the above scenarios applies, please send an email to secondaryplaces@wirral.gov.uk and alternative arrangements will be made at a later date.
  • The school advise that children will be separated by 2 metres at all times prior to and between assessments.
  • To minimise contact, only one responsible adult should accompany the child to the assessment venue.